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Vocational courses are meant for the purpose of training which is pursued by students who want to develop practical skills rather than theoretical knowledge. Vocational courses are often pursued by a student right after class 10+2, in any of the streams like Photography, Music, Bakery, Food Production, Software Development, etc.

Vocational courses are offered at different levels with Certificate in Vocational Courses, Diploma in Vocational Courses, Undergraduate Vocational Courses, and Postgraduate Vocational Courses. The admissions in vocational courses are done on the basis of merit, usually on the marks obtained during Class 12th or graduation, however this depends on the course level. See: Vocational Courses List

Bachelor of Vocation Studies is available in various specializations which deals with different fields such as BVoc Software development, BVoc Automobiles etc. 

A few vocational course admissions are through entrance exams like BHU-UET and IPU CET. IGNOU offers a variety of the very best vocational courses in Delhi after the 10th and 12th, like certificate and diploma courses which can be pursued online or in distance education mode.

The average vocational course fee ranges from INR 3,000 to 2 lakh once a year , depending upon the extent of study. Vocational courses equip students with industry-specific skills, to hunt out an honest job during a specific domain as an example , as auto-mechanic , Food Technician, Electrician, Carpenter, Photographer, Software Developer. The standard salary after vocational courses is around INR 4 lakh once a year .

All About  Vocational Courses

A Vocational Course course as the name suggests is a course that deals with practical skills rather than theoretical skills.

  • Vocational Course courses fee ranges from INR 10,000 - 5,00,000
  • Vocational Course course admissions are done both on the basis of merit and on the basis of entrance exams as well
  • The various Vocational Course entrance exams are: BHU-PET, IPU-CET etc.
  • Diploma in Vocational Course and Undergraduation in Vocational Course are the most opted courses
  • The duration of an Undergraduate degree in Vocational Course ranges for 3 years and Diploma in Vocational Course courses ranges from 1 - 2 years
  • The average salary after completing an Vocational Course courses ranges between INR 3 - 5 LPA

What is a Vocational Course ?

Vocational course is an educational discipline that helps an individual to acquire skills that are required for a particular trade. Vocational courses are generally non academic and are entirely related to a specific trade, occupation or vocation. These courses are designed to teach application based study where theoretical aspects are not studied independently.

Who can Pursue Vocational Courses?

Vocational Education and Training (VET) may be a job oriented technical training course for college kids and aspirants to settle on a selected career opportunity. This job specific training is supposed for a specified career and focuses mainly on providing students with hands-on training, instruction, and classes through which a student can gain a diploma or a certificate.

Vocational training exists not only in the automotive segment but also in hand trades and tourism. Such programmes also specialize in mechanics, skills in retail, plumbing careers, and many. With the help of this training, aspirants can search specific jobs as they gain the certificate required for it. The training is done either in institutes, community colleges, or in trade schools. There are certain vocational schools that provide these programs. Classes are often of short unit ones or ten weeks or maybe lesser depending upon the topic.

Why Study Vocational Courses?

Vocational courses provide students with industry-specific skills, to find a good job in a particular domain for example, as Automobile Mechanic, Food Technician, Electrician, Carpenter, Photographer, Software Developer. The average pay scale after vocational courses is around INR 4 lakh per annum.

Types of Vocational Courses

As already discussed, the Vocational Course is taught across various degrees starting from certifications to diploma courses, Undergraduate courses to Phd Courses. 

Below mentioned table will discuss the eligibility criteria for each degrees that are offered in Vocational Course courses,

  • Certificate Courses in Vocational Course: Students should score minimum 45% - 50% aggregate marks or equivalent CGPA in their class 12th board exams.
  • Diploma Courses in Vocational Course: For pursuing PG Diploma courses in Vocational Course, students have to complete their Graduation in any discipline with minimum 50% aggregate marks or equivalent CGPA from a recognised university University.
  • Undergraduate Courses in Vocational Course: Admissions to Undergraduate courses in Vocational Course are done both on the basis of merit as well as entrance exams. Students should clear their class 12th board exam from a recognized board with minimum 50% aggregate marks or equivalent CGPA score
  • Post Graduate Courses in Vocational Course: For pursuing Post Graduate degree in Vocational Course, students should score at least 60% aggregate marks or equivalent CGPA in their graduation. This will be followed by entrance exams depending on the colleges that they are applying for.

Vocational Certificate Courses

Certificate Vocational courses are available both online and offline. Here are the precise details of the certificate vocational courses that one must see before pursuing the course.

  • Vocational Certificate Courses are usually available in offline mode which are 6-month long programs.
  • There are few institutes like IGNOU that provide online or distance education in vocational courses.
  • Vocational certificate courses usually help to develop a specific technique or become prominent in technology.
  • Candidates who complete these courses after 6 months of study also will be awarded a vocational certificate degree.
  • The average vocational course fee ranges between INR 15,000-20,000.

Vocational certificate courses are suitable for candidates who are looking to start out their career, changing career directions, or advancing in their current job skills. After the vocational certificate course, the candidates can earn an initial income of INR 5,000-INR 10,000 per month.

Top Colleges of Vocational Studies Certification

The top vocational course offering institutes are mentioned in the table below.

NIRF Ranking College Name Course Fee
7 St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata INR 18,200-20,000
37 JMC New Delhi INR 15,000-20,000
42 Fergusson College, Pune INR 18,000-25,000
- IGNOU New Delhi INR 5,000-6,000

Diploma Vocational Courses

Vocational Diploma and PG Diploma may be a 1-2 year course, depending upon the extent of study.

  • A Vocational diploma may be a 1-year course which will be pursued after completion of 10+2 and even after 10th in some cases.
  • Candidates who leave B.Voc courses within a year also are awarded a Diploma Degree and people who leave the course after 2 years of study are awarded a complicated Diploma.
  • PG Diploma may be a 1-2 year-long course which will be done by candidates holding a baccalaureate or a B.Voc degree. Candidates who complete the course in 1 year also are awarded a PG Diploma.
  • The course fees range from INR 5,500-55,000.

PG Diploma usually helps a candidate to concentrate on a really specific skill. So those that want to find out a specific skill in their field of study should choose this course. For instance , a B.Voc in computing can prefer to do a PG Diploma in Web Designing.

The average initial salary offered to students after a vocational diploma course is usually between INR 7,000-10,000 within the beginning.

Top Vocational Diploma Courses in India

Some of the top undergraduate  vocational diploma courses are mentioned below.

Diploma Course Top Institutes Annual Course Fee
Diploma in Counselling Psychology Xavier College Mumbai Goa University Global Institute of Medical Sciences INR 60,000
Diploma in Multimedia & Animation St. Xaviers College, Kolkata INR 30,000
Diploma in Cinematography Rayat Bahra University INR 35,000-1,25,000
Diploma in Translation Gujarat University Delhi College of Arts and Commerce INR 3,000-5,00,000
Diploma in Public Administration Chandigarh University Fergusson College INR 3,000-5,00,000

Top PG Diploma Courses in Vocational Studies

Some of the top PG diploma courses that are offered by vocational training institutes are mentioned below.

PG Diploma Course Top Institutes Annual Course Fee
PG Diploma in Translation St. Xaviers Mumbai BHU Varanasi Cochin University INR 6,000-30,000
PG Diploma in Psychological Counselling St. Francis College for Women BHU Varanasi Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University INR 10,400-50,000
PG Diploma in Computer Application Bharathiar University Dayalbagh Educational Institute INR 7,700-12,000
PG Diploma in Hospital Administration & Management Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University Alagappa University INR 5,500-20,231
PG Diploma in Yoga Alagappa University Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University INR 5,500
PG Diploma in Fashion Designing Alagappa University INR 10,000

Top Offline Vocational Certificate Courses

Some of the offline Vocational Certificate courses are mentioned below.

Course Name Top Institutes Average Course Fee
Certificate in Media Vocational Studies Jesus & Mary College, New Delhi INR 15,000-20,000
Certificate in Camera & Photography Jesus & Mary College, New Delhi Fergusson College, Pune INR 15,000-20,000
Certificate in Financial Management Jesus & Mary College, New Delhi INR 15,000-20,000
Certificate in Tax Practice and Procedure St.Xavier’s College, Kolkata INR 18,200-20,000
Certificate in Foreign Trade Practises and Management St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata INR 15,000-20,200

Top Online Vocational Courses


The Gandhi National Open University ,IGNOU New Delhi is popular throughout the country for offering distance and vocational courses. IGNOU courses are offered in multiple dimensions, and MBA is one among the foremost popular courses among them. Lately. IGNOU Vocational Courses have started in Online Mode.

Course Name Duration Average Course Fee
Certificate in Fashion Design 6 months-2 years INR 5,000
Certificate in Communication and IT Skills 6 months-2 years INR 5,400


Course Name Duration Course Fee
Programming Languages 30 hours Free
Python Programming 18 hours Free
Introduction to Programming in C Specialization 5 months Free


Course Name Duration Course Fee
Java Programming Master Class for Software Developer 80 hours INR 8,640
Beginning C++ Programming 41.5 hours INR 8,640

LinkedIn Learning

Course Name Duration Course Fee
Learning PHP 4 hour 25 min Free

Vocational Course Syllabus

The Vocational Course Syllabus consists of topics covering parts of finance, IT as well as advertising. Below mentioned stable will give a brief detail about the subjects that are taught in an Vocational Course course

Principles of Vocational Course Consumer Behaviour and Brand Management
Hotel Management Acting
Web Design Fashion Design
Food Safety Programming
Lab Technician Electrician

Stream Comparison

Vocational Courses are well known as a better option than Traditional Courses in many respects. Given below is the comparison between these 2 types of courses in detail below.

Comparison Parameter Vocational Courses Traditional Courses
Delivery Style Emphasis is on developing skills rather than bookish knowledge. Focus more on Theory and Case Vocational Studies.
Pedagogy Practical On-Site Experience is Offered along with Workshops Theory Classes, Laboratories, and Case Vocational Studies
Practical Exposure Constant exposure to various activities help in overall learning. Practical exposure is only offered if students pursue an internship.
Degree Offered Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma, and Vocational Degree Full-fledged Master and Bachelor degree like BA, BTech, MBA, BCom, MBBS, etc.

Top Vocational Colleges in India

India is home to a number of colleges who offer Undergraduate and Postgraduate degrees in Vocational Courses. Some of the top colleges across various cities  specializing in vocational courses are tabulated below for your reference

Top Vocational Colleges in Delhi

Top Vocational Colleges in Mumbai

Top Vocational Colleges in Pune

University Name Annual Course Fee
Fergusson college, pune NA
Savitribai phule pune university - [sppu], pune INR 10,400

Top Vocational Colleges in Kolkata

Top Vocational Colleges in Chennai

Top Vocational Colleges in Bangalore

Best Vocational Course Colleges Abroad

Vocational courses are not only restricted in India. There are a list of several colleges who offer various vocational courses abroad. The eligibility criteria for them varies from college to college, however a general and common eligibility criteria that id followed is listed below for your reference,

  • Students must clear their Class 12th board examination, or graduation depending on the course being taken up
  • They have to sit for various language proficiency tests such as IELTS, TOEFL etc, depending on the test being accepted

The average course fees ranges from INR 12 - 16 LPA


Name of the College Average Fees (INR)
Undergraduate Postgraduate
Georgian College 12,00,668 13,31,859
The University of British Columbia 2,226,490
Centennial College 9,99,456 9,99,456
University of Alberta 5,63,335 6,65,779
McGill University 10,37,435 12,18,200

United Kingdom

Name of the Colleges Average Fees (INR)
Undergraduate Postgraduate
UCL - London's Global University 14,39,782 15,26,108
Newcastle University 1,113,000
University of Southampton 12,21,914 12,84,603
UNIVERSITY OF SHEFFIELD 14,91,167 14,91,064

Skills for Vocational Course Courses

  • Vocational Course requires people to constantly interact with clients, stakeholders and investors. Thus, having a good communication skill is the most vital skill required for becoming successful in their career .
  • The professionals will have to constantly guide their team to achieving the desired result, thus one should have sufficient leadership skills in this field.
  • Time Management skill is the most important skill whenever we talk about Vocational Course.
  • A professional  should be very proactive and supportive, when it comes to leading a team. The more reachable, trustworthy and supportive the professional is, the more better will be the performance of their team

Scope of Vocational Course Courses

After successfully completing your desired degree in a Vocational Course, you can choose to start your career in the highest position available. Because of the nature of the course, the career opportunities. A fresher's starting salary ranges between Rs. 2 and Rs. 3 lakh. Some aspirants, after gaining sufficient experience in the respective field, can even start their own Vocational Course company, which can provide you with higher returns. Types of Vocational Courses After 12th are:

Audio Technicians / Electrical Technicians Game Designer
Foreign Language Expert Commercial Pilot Trainer
Air Hostess Trainer -

Top job profile in Vocational Courses

Below mentioned are some of the top job profiles along with the job descriptions for various vocational courses

Job Profiles Job Description Average Expected Salary
Hotel Management Hotel management may be a field of education which deals with all the executive and managerial tasks of any hospitality centre, hotel, restaurant or any seminar organisation INR 453942.
Web Designer Their work is to develop, create, and code sites and associated apps for companies, individuals, and other entities. They work to supply technical and graphical aspects of the appliance or website INR 2,78,387
Acting The job involves incorporating a broad array of classes that train the actor in key aspects like emotions, voice, body, speech & diction, creativity, imagination, characterization, auditioning techniques and method acting. INR 11,11,000
Tourism The main job role involves tourist resort planning, food service management, ecology, environment and tourism, intercultural communication, etc. INR 3,50,000
Fashion Designing A fashion designer’s job involves dressmaking for celebrities and other clients . They make customized dresses and present it in shows for prizes INR 385711.
Lifestyle Products Lifestyle Product designer’s job involves visualizing and making lifestyle accessories and systems using different materials, processes and technologies INR 2,24,000
Manicure The job involves incorporating preparation in nail maladies, healthy skin and nail workmanship. Understanding and learning pertinent expert issues including sanitation, wellbeing, neighborhood laws and material guidelines. INR 4,00,00

Top Recruiters

Some of the top recruiters who offer various jobs to fresh graduates completing vocational courses are tabulated below for your reference

TATA SONS Wildlife Photographers 
IT Companies International Clothing Brands
Industries Companies  Boutiques

Salary of Vocational Course

The salary after completing the vocational courses are mentioned below on the basis of different levels-

Average Annual Salary

Name of Organisation Average Annual Salary
Public INR 4,00,000
Private INR 3,50,000 – 5,50,000

Job Profile Wise Annual Salary

Job Profile Average Annual Salary
Hotel Manager INR 4,00,000

Experience Wise

Experience Salary
Fresher 1,50,000 – 2,89,000
Experienced 5,44,000 – 6,00,000

Vocational Courses: FAQs

Ques. Are vocational courses valid?

Ans. Vocational courses are introduced by UGC itself and thus they're considerably valid.

Ques. What percentage of vocational courses are offered by UGC?

Ans. There are around 40 courses offered by UGC within the field of Commerce, Engineering, Health, and Paramedics.

Ques. What are the vocational skills?

Ans. Vocational skills are industry-specific skills that a candidate learns while gaining knowledge during a specific trade or profession.

Ques. What's the advantage of vocational courses?

Ans. a number of the advantages of vocational courses are:

  • Hands-on experience
  • Immediate jobs within the area of experience
  • Convenient, due to Multiple entries and exit points
  • Affordable

Ques. How do vocational courses vary from regular or traditional courses?

Ans. Vocational courses are supported manual or practical activities and are associated with a selected trade or occupation. Whereas the regular courses offer an in-depth theoretical study on a selected field of study.

Ques. Are vocational courses a good option to pursue in India?

Ans. Yes, it's an honest course, if students are willing to be skilled and wish for immediate jobs. Currently, India is facing a demand-supply mismatch for skilled professionals which is why UGC has introduced vocational courses to fill the gap. Therefore students choosing vocational courses have huge opportunities to seek out jobs.

Ques. Is it important to review professional and vocational courses?

Ans. the larger companies don’t just search for degrees, but they also search for experience. The normal courses usually educate us during a specific field of study, but don't help with the sensible skills. Therefore the degree holders need to search for internships, training, etc. this is often where a knowledgeable or vocational course can help them with.


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