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GMAT is a computer adaptive test taken to pursue management studies abroad. Due to the pandemic, the candidates can avail the GMAT exam either at the test center or online. Candidates can now book their slots 6 months in advance. Candidates need to log in to to complete GMAT Registration. Aadhar Card can be used as an ID during Registration. There are four sections in the GMAT exam pattern – Verbal reasoning, Quantitative reasoning, Integrated reasoning, and Analytical Writing (optional) offering MCQs. The duration of the GMAT is 2 hours and 45 minutes excluding the analytical writing section. One can take the exam by paying a GMAT fee of $250 (INR.18,366). The total number of questions in these three sections is 79 and the analytical writing section contains only 1 descriptive question. 

Latest Update:

  • GMAC now allows candidates to book their slots 6 months in advance and use Aadhar as ID for registration.
  • Candidates planning to appear for GMAC 2021 can go through GMAC Prep Guide tips to crack the exam.

GMAT Online is available for the candidates to take GMAT from home for safety measures. Now candidates have a permanent option to take the GMAT exam at the test center or online. Four enhancements have been observed in GMAT Online – getting GMAT score instantly, select order of the section, 8 minutes break for two times, and inclusion of AWA. Top business schools accept the score of the online GMAT. Applicants fail to understand the right time to take the GMAT. The candidate should follow the application deadline of the desired business school before booking the slot. 

GMAT Official Guide 2021

Every year, GMAC released an edited version of the GMAT official guide 2021 for the aspirants. GMAT official guide 2021 retained all questions of 2020 and added few more new questions for practice. 

  • For GMAT Quantitative section there are 262 questions where 32 new questions are added 
  • For the Data Sufficiency section, there are 502 questions where 10 new questions are added
  • 163 Flashcards 
  • For GMAT Verbal there are 50 new questions added where 31 and 19 new questions are added in Sentence Correction and Critical Reasoning respectively. 

Official GMAT Podcast

GMAC launched official GMAT podcasts for the aspirants to access intricate details of the exam. In the podcast, you will get to know various tips on taking the exam and how to maximize your GMAT experience.  GMAT podcast comprises different topics as the following –  

In the Episode 1 podcast, Matt Hazenbush interviewed Pam Brown, the Director of Product Management at GMAC. She gave an overview of the 8 week GMAT study plan and asked to focus on the essentials. The plan started with getting accustomed to the GMAT exam pattern and question types. It goes on to practice from the official GMAT practice papers and consulting the GMAT Official Guide.

In the Episode 2 podcast, Eric Chambers interviewed Vineet Chhabra, the Senior Director of Product Management at GMAC about the differences in GMAT online and test center methods. He has clearly stated how the online GMAT exam is a product of a pandemic without any AWA section. 

In the Episode 3 podcast, Matt Hazenbush interviewed Pam Brown, the director of Product Management at GMAC. The discussion is mostly about candidates who are looking for more challenging preparation materials. Pam has mentioned the GMAT Official Advanced Questions that comprises around 300 more challenging questions.

In the Episode 4 podcast, the senior director at GMAC, Vineet Chhabra talked about the 10 most common myths that GMAT aspirants are concerned about. Candidates need to know about these myths before commencing GMAT preparation.

Every Monday you can access a new podcast. This will give you all the insights on the graduate business assessments and success strategies.

Change in GMAT Question Pattern 2021

  • Pure Reasoning questions in GMAT Quant Section 
  • Conversion Questions (like Miles to Kms) 
  • Set Questions (where terms like both or neither are used in GMAT quant to depict the specific group of people) 
  • Geometry questions in GMAT Data Sufficiency sections (like coordinate geometry) 

Unlike other official guides from previous years, GMAT Official Guide 2021 has removed the diagnostic test series and provided the users with a code to access 174 questions in the online question bank for practice. For Online Exclusive, the GMAT official guide added 100 questions. GMAT Official Guide 2021 series has 998 questions. 

The cost of the GMAT Online is $200, which is $50 less than the previous cost. Due to this epidemic outbreak, GMAT testing has been suspended in many locations due to safety issues. GMAC announced candidates can schedule GMAT both online or at the test center as per convenience. Aspirants can book the test before 24 hours only as per the slot availability. Aspirants can also take exams at the nearby test centers only if it is safe. To request disability accommodations, candidates must wait for the authority to approve the accommodations before scheduling the date.  Candidates can complete GMAT online registration following few easy steps. 

Data Surveyed by KAPLAN that since 2014, organizations prefer professionals with GMAT score increased by 44%. GMAC decides for the interim GMAT exam to take control of this epidemic situation. Geoffrey Basye, spokesperson of GMAC told that this interim GMAT will manage the integrity of the exam remotely.

 Latest: COVID 19 Live Updates for GMAT

Why Apply for GMAT?

GMAT is known to be the best predictor of success in management programs globally. Every year 200,000 students from all over the world take the GMAT exam. Your exam is guarded against bias and you can take it whenever you are ready.

GMAT Examinee Number Gloabal vs Indian

As per the graph, in the last 3 years, the number of examinees of GMAT has gone through a fall if we look from a global perspective. But in India, the number of candidates increased by 3000. In the global base, the number of male, as well as female candidates, decreased in the last 3 years. But in India, the number of female candidates increased and it is highest in the last 3 years. Most candidates enrolling for MBA programs across the world are above or around 28 years. Few other aspects of applying GMAT are as follows

  • Return on Investment (ROI) is quite higher after the candidates pursue MBA from abroad 
  • With a large diversity in the class profiles, an MBA aspirant will come across people across industries 
  • After graduating from any top business school, candidates will get numerous career opportunities to choose 

Personalized Program Recommendation By GMAT Score

For GMAT test-takers, a unique service of My Recommendations is available. Through this service, a detailed list of the top 10 recommended business schools is provided to the test-taker according to profile, GMAT scores, and interests. By sending the score report to the business school, candidates can compare the GMAT score with other available scores at those same recommended business schools. Based on that recommendation, candidates receive a GMAT competitive rating based on 

  • Excellent 
  • Above Average 
  • Average 
  • Low

With the help of this competitive rating, candidates can make an informed decision for any program at the recommended business school. 

Is the GMAT Test Hard? 

More than 2 lakhs of candidates appear for the GMAT every year. Only 6% of candidates can score 700+ score. The timing pressure and computer adaptiveness of the GMAT will always keep the candidates under constant pressure. 

Which one is easier GMAT or GRE?

If you are someone competent in the quant section then opt for the GMAT exam rather than GRE. Logic problems are found more in GMAT, whereas geometry questions are noticed more in GRE. GMAT vs GRE: Which one is easier is a common question that comes to the mind of each aspirant. So it depends on which exam is taken by the candidate for MBA admission. 

What is the purpose of an MBA from Abroad?

People invest in pursuing an MBA from the top business schools in the world. Before applying to a particular business school, one must know about the return on an investment after completion of the program. Each year Financial Times calculates ROI for the world’s top 100 business schools and its value for money rank. ROI is not only dependent on the amount invested and salary earned after graduating but also on the other accumulative costs, fees, course length, salary earned by the alumni, and other aspects.

Business School Money Value Rank in 2021
University of Florida: Warrington 1 26
Pennsylvania State University: Smeal 2 54
Durham University Business School 3 5
Shanghai University of Finance and Economics: College of Business 4 47
Brigham Young University: Marriott 5 33
University of Cambridge: Judge 6 9
Melbourne Business School 7 80
Insead 8 4
Mannheim Business School 9 71
Texas A & M University: Mays 10 86
HEC Paris 11 9
ESMT Berlin 12 81
Shanghai Jiao Tong University: Antai 13 37
University of Oxford: Said 14 21
University of St Gallen 15 68
Warwick Business School 16 43
University College Dublin: Smurfit 17 99
University of Georgia: Terry 18 100
IMD Business School 19 25
University of Connecticut School of Business 20 77
Renmin University of China Business School (RMBS) 21 38
SDA Bocconi School of Management 22 29
University of Texas at Dallas: Jindal 23 81
National University of Singapore Business School 24 15
WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management 25 64

How Will I Fund My MBA Abroad?

It is a big worry for the candidates who plan to pursue MBA from abroad. There are few ways to finance an MBA

  • Without any collateral, many financial service providers provide loans to Indian students who aim to pursue MBA abroad. These fintech companies follow algorithms to make predictions of repaying the loan.
  • Banks provide collateral-based education loans. Either parents or any relative will act as a “guarantee” to sanction a loan from the bank in the alternative of keeping assets like property, fixed deposits, government bonds, provident funds, etc.
  • Very few need-based and merit-based scholarships are also available. These scholarships are offered based on your GMAT score and academic profile. 
  • GMAT Scholarships are also available to the candidates based on the score secured. 

GMAT Exam Pattern and Syllabus 2021

The GMAT Syllabus comprises topics from Quant, verbal, integrated reasoning, and analytical writing. This detailed GMAT syllabus pattern will help the candidates to plan for preparation. The four sections of the GMAT syllabus cover 50 topics. Four sections of GMAT 2021 are as follows:

Analytical Writing Assessment: In this AWA section, the test taker’s ability to think critically and communicate has been measured

Integrated Reasoning: The GMAT IR section tests how well a test taker analyzes a plethora of data to evaluate information represented in multiple formats

Quantitative Reasoning: GMAT Quant section measures how well a test taker comes to conclusions using analytical skills and reasoning

Verbal Reasoning: GMAT Verbal measures how well a candidate reads and understands the written material and evaluates arguments out of it

GMAT Exam Pattern

GMAT Registration 2021

Applicants can complete GMAT Registration 2021 at any time of the year. The best time to take the GMAT is a year before seeking admission in the B-school. Test takers should register for the preferred date as per preparation status. It is advisable not to book slots at the last moment. Candidates can book the exam dates for GMAT after checking the available slots. 

How to Register for GMAT

Candidates can register for GMAT easily by following few steps. You should follow the instructions given while registering. To reschedule or cancel GMAT, candidates also have to follow few steps as per instructions. GMAT registration can be completed in three different ways

  • Online
  • Offline (fees via post)
  • Postal Mail

Resumption of GMAT Testing 

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19, the GMAT testing had come to a halt and most of the test centers were closed. But recently, there has been a resumption of the test centers across India, but some places are still not conducting the test. GMAC arranged provision for either test center delivered or at home GMAT for safety purposes. 

GMAT Eligibility 2021

Before GMAT registration, candidates should know about the minimum eligibility criteria required for GMAT. Following criteria are required for GMAT eligibility

  • Applicants should have a basic educational qualification from any registered university or college
  • Candidates should be minimum of 18 years of age, if a candidate is below 18 years then require a no-objection certificate from the guardian
  • A candidate must have a valid passport to appear GMAT
  • Applicants can appear for GMAT only 5 times a year and 8 times a lifetime
  • Candidates can appear for GMAT only after 16 days of the first held exam
  • There is no specific requirement for work experience but this criterion is preferred by the top business schools of the world.

GMAT Exam Fee Payment 2021

The exam fee of the GMAT is $250 or INR. 18,300. However, it differs in some of the countries. One needs to pay $50 for rescheduling exams on different dates. An amount of $80 is also charged if a candidate cancels an exam. GMAT exam fees can be paid via online or offline mode.

GMAT Score 2021

With the survey conducted by GMAC, it is shown that as compared to global students, mostly engineers from India prefer pursuing the GMAT. Engineers prefer taking the GMAT every year due to its strong data sufficiency and problem-solving questions. In the global scenario, the percentage of students appearing for GMAT

Educational Background of Global Students

Most business and commerce background students prefer the GMAT for their approach. After business and commerce background students, engineering background candidates are the second most one who pursues GMAT. Whereas in comparison to global students, the educational background of Indian students appearing for GMAT is quite different

Educational Background of Indian Students

With mathematical skills, the engineers perform the best as compared to the candidates from other educational backgrounds. Besides engineers, candidates from business and commerce backgrounds also score well on GMAT. In comparison to old times, now top business schools of the world prefer candidates across educational backgrounds to bring diversity in the business world. With the different educational backgrounds, candidates can bring changes in approaches.

Even with such wide backgrounds of candidates for GMAT, data surveyed by GMAC in the last five years is presented through the graph:

Growth in number of GMAT Applicants in India

According to the graph, the total number of applicants increased by 3500 in India and the number of woman applicants increased around 1600 in 3 years. An interesting factor here is that along with the number of applicants, the score also increases in the last 3 years.

  •  The number of <600 score achievers increased by 1000 in the last 3 years and 2016, the number of candidates with <600 score was the highest (16039)
  • The number of 600-690 score achievers increased around 1600
  • The number of 700+ score achievers increased around 800

Check GMAT Score Trends

GMAT Mean Score

Before appearing for GMAT, candidates should get an overview of the mean score of GMAT from 2014-2018 as a whole.

In the above-mentioned data chart, it is noticed that the mean GMAT score in India from 2014-2019 is higher than the score secured by the candidates globally. To take admissions in the top business schools of the USA or UK, test takers should have a GMAT score of above 700.

GMAT Result 2021

Unlike other exams, you can receive the GMAT Score Report immediately after completing the exam. GMAT AWA score will not be shared at the end of the exam. Candidates will get the option of accepting or rejecting the GMAT Score. If the candidate accepts the score, then GMAC will send the score report directly to the institution, if the candidate rejects the score report then none can view the GMAT score. After the completion of the exam, candidates can download the non-official score report of the GMAT. Within 20 days of writing the GMAT, candidates can receive a GMAT score report along with AWA Score. You can download, view or print your official scorecard.

How the GMAT Score is Calculated?

Candidates will be scored on a fixed scale on all the sections of the GMAT. The GMAT Score Report includes only GMAT Verbal and GMAT Quantitative scores. AWA and GMAT IR are included in the syllabus to measure the analytical aptitude of the candidates. The GMAT Score report includes

  • GMAT Quantitative Score (6-51)
  • GMAT Verbal Reasoning (6-51)
  • Analytical Writing Assessment (0-6)
  • Integrated Reasoning (1-8)

GMAT Score Validity 2021

  • Candidates can use their GMAT score for up to 5 years.
  • GMAT Score can be used to pursue an MBA program and for getting a job, as many recruitment companies use GMAT Score for providing jobs.
  • If a candidate is not satisfied with his GMAT Result, they can retake GMAT Exam
  • However, a candidate can appear for GMAT 5 times only in one year i.e. 12 months.

GMAT Cutoff 2021

Most B schools in the world have set different GMAT cutoff scores. Other than MBA programs in the USA, a GMAT score is also required for MIM programs in European Universities. GMAT cutoff for the top business schools of the world are as follows 

GMAT Cutoff for Countries

Universities across the world have different GMAT cutoff criteria for MBA courses. Across the world, the GMAT score is considered standard for admission requirements. Check the following GMAT cutoff for different countries in the below table:

GMAT Test Centers 2021

GMAT is a computer adaptive test, therefore, GMAC tries to make it easily accessible to every test taker. Across India, there are 34 cities where GMAT exams have been conducted in 39 test centers. Most GMAT Test Centers are closed due to safety measures. Due to COVID 19, GMAC allows candidates to appear for GMAT at home. GMAT Test canter has been kept under hold for security measures towards candidates and test center staff. 

GMAT Preparation 2021

Aspirants aiming to take GMAT have to follow strict plans for preparations. GMAT preparation tips consist of how strategically test taker plans for the exam. For better preparation, many test takers opt for GMAT practice papers to perform well in the exam. GMAT is taken by both students and working professionals. Before start preparing, aspirants must know a few coaching centers that provide the best quality resource materials and mock tests. Considering the current situation many test centers are providing online classes so it is convenient for everyone. Few such GMAT preparation service providers are as follows 

  • Kaplan 
  • Jamboree 
  • eGmat 
  • Magoosh 
  • The Princeton Review 

GMAT Books

A proper study plan and good resources can help you score above well in the exam. Beginners can refer to a few books as follows 


Question. While taking the GMAT, if I suddenly get an easy question, does that mean that I got the previous question wrong?

Answer. Don’t panic. You might have encountered one of the experimental questions. Also, the GMAT’s algorithm does not work in a simple, linear format – it is more complex than we think it is. Therefore, it is technically possible for you to encounter an easy question even if you are getting the questions right. Finally, remember that ‘easy’ is a relative term – what seems easy to you might not be easy to others. Therefore, don’t waste your test time thinking on these and instead focus on the upcoming questions.

Question. Are all GMAT questions scored/do all GMAT questions count?

Answer. No. About 20%-30% are experimental questions that do not impact your score and are designed to help GMAC evaluate questions for future tests.

Question. What is the maximum score on the GMAT?

Answer. The GMAT score range is between 200 and 800. Very few people get 200 or 800, the majority, however, falls between 400 and 600. The average score is about 550.

Question. How do I send my GMAT scores to the Schools?

Answer. Before or after the test, you will have a chance to enter up to 5 schools' names that will automatically receive your GMAT score about 20-30 days after you take the test. You can also request for additional score reports to be sent, but it will cost $28. Some applicants prefer not to send any reports to any schools unless they are sure they received a good score, so they will order additional reports after they receive the score confirmation. 

Question. What documents should I carry on the test day?

Answer. If you are a Non-US applicant – you must carry a VALID PASSPORT with a recent, recognizable photo (mandatory) and Appointment Confirmation Letter / Email sent by Pearson VUE.

Question. Is there any penalty for not completing a section in GMAT?

Answer. Yes. GMAT penalizes you if you run out of time and are not able to complete the section. Therefore, it is also important to focus on the time-management aspects of the test. This is something that can be perfected only with practice.

Question. What is tested in GMAT?

Answer. Composing capacity, learning of Basic Math (Arithmetic, Algebra, Word Problems, Geometry) and a tad of transitional Math (Statistics, Probability, Combinations/Permutations), and information of syntax standards, sensible thinking, perusing, and systematic abilities.

Question. Are all GMAT questions scored/do all GMAT questions check?

Answer. No. Around 20%-30% are trial addresses that don’t affect your score and are intended to enable GMAC to assess questions for future tests.

Question. How does GMAT scoring work? How is the score calculated?

Answer. There are a few speculations about how the test is scored: some trust the initial 15 questions are basic; others imagine that hard questions must be addressed accurately to get a decent score, and another gathering trusts that all questions must be offered an explanation to get a high score.

Question. Can I scratch-off or reschedule a GMAT schedule?

Answer. Truly, and many individuals do – there is a $50 rescheduling expense on the off chance that you reschedule over 7 days out. You will lose the $250 store on the off chance that you choose to reschedule under 7 days out. You can likewise apply for a discount as long as your schedule is over 7 days out. Be that as it may, you will get just $80 back. When all is said in done, if you suffered from sudden anxiety a couple of days before the test, and feel that you have to reschedule, it might be worth going and taking the test since you won’t recover any cash. There are a few hypotheses about having a low score on your report, however more about that later.

Question. How many times can one take the GMAT?

Answer. You can take the GMAT® exam once every 16 calendar days and no more than five times in a rolling 12-month period and no more than eight times total (lifetime limit effective December 17, 2016).

Question. After I take the GMAT, how soon will I know my score?

Answer. Your informal (preparatory that is) GMAT score will be influenced accessible to you promptly after you complete the test.

Question. What would it be a good idea for me to take with me to the testing center?

Answer. You should take individual distinguishing proof, the schedule affirmation letter or email you got when booking your test, and the names of the GMAT projects to which you plan to send your scores.

Question. Can I use a calculator?

Answer. During the Integrated Reasoning section, you will get access to an online calculator with all the basic functions other than that the use of a calculator isn’t permitted.

Question. Will I be offered anything to write amidst the exam?

Answer. You will be given 5 drywipe note boards to write on toward the beginning of the test, and you can ask for all the more amid the test. These must be offered back to the manager toward the finish of the test. You won’t be permitted to take any of your written work materials into the testing room.

Question. I’m not content with my GMAT score – how soon would I be able to retake the test?

Answer. You can just take the test once every 16 date-book days. On the off chance that you endeavor to take the test before that day and age have passed, your new scores won’t be accounted for and you lose your test organization charge.

Question. If I take the test more than once, will business colleges see every one of my scores?

Answer. Truly they will. Your score report will list the greater part of the scores from each time you have taken the GMAT over the most recent 5 years. Your scores are substantial for a long time.

Question. What is the normal GMAT score?

Answer. The general GMAT score ranges from 200 to 800. The normal GMAT score among test-takers worldwide is 540. 66% of the test-takers score in the vicinity of 400 and 600.

Question. What is a decent GMAT score?

Answer. A “decent” GMAT score is just in respect to the MBA of Masters projects to which you are applying! You should do some exploration on the schools to which you need to send your scores and set yourself practical objectives in light of the normal scores acknowledged by those projects. Top-level schools will generally be searching for a score in the 90th percentile or above (eg Wharton has a normal GMAT score of 713; Harvard 708; INSEAD 702; and London Business School 680).

Question. Do business colleges have a base GMAT score prerequisite?

Answer. Most schools won’t set a base prerequisite for GMAT scores, albeit most will distribute the normal GMAT score of their understudies. This data is generally promptly accessible on schools’ sites, so do your exploration and discover the normal scores for the schools you need to apply to, and after that go for at least that score.

Question. How can I cancel my test date?

Answer. You can do this using the test schedule booking framework. If you drop no less than 7 entire days ahead of time of your schedule, you will get a fractional discount of US$80. On the off chance that you scratch off under 7 entire days ahead of time of your schedule, you will relinquish your whole enrollment charge.

Question. I am a handicap/I am dyslexic – would I be able to apply for additional time during GMAT?

Answer. Indeed. Test takers with archived incapacities, including dyslexia, can apply for extraordinary testing housing on the GMAT. Housing can incorporate extra time on the test, extra rest breaks, a communication via gestures mediator, a peruser or record taker, and so forth. For full subtle elements of how to apply for uncommon testing facilities, you should download both the GMAT Information Bulletin and the Supplement for Test Takers for Disabilities from Kindly note that you should present your applications ahead of schedule, as choices concerning extraordinary facilities can take 6 to two months.

Question. How can I prepare for GMAT?

Answer. This is a troublesome inquiry to reply to, as everybody ought to get ready in their specific manner that suits them best. Numerous GMAT test-takers plan throughout around three to a half years, utilizing the numerous contrasting ‘GMAT test prep’ organizations accessible. Others buy resigned questions, or GMAC’s legitimate productions and practice however much as could reasonably be expected. You ought to choose which strategy is ideal for you.

Question. How is my GMAT score calculated?

Answer. The general GMAT score is figured utilizing the Quantitative and Verbal segments, and members are granted a score of in the vicinity 200 and 800. Higher scores speak to more prominent capacity. Notwithstanding, business colleges additionally get MBA candidates’ Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) scores, extending from 1 to 6, a score for the Integrated Reasoning segment, going from 1 to 8, and in addition breakdowns of the Verbal and Quantitative scores, which both range from 0 to 60.

Question. Can I change my GMAT Registration at the exam center to GMAT Online?

Answer. You cannot transfer your GMAT at the exam center to GMAT online. Due to pandemics, GMAC waived off cancellation fees, therefore it is better to cancel your GMAT at exam center appointment and reschedule the GMAT online exam. You will get the refund within 3-4 business days. 

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College.

GMAT 2021 : 5 answered questions


Ques. Why do students go for CAT, XAT, SNAP etc when almost all the B-Schools in India accept GMAT scores for the full time MBA?

● Top Answer By Nia Malhotra on 17 May 21

Ans. There is hardly any B-school in India that accepts GMAT scores for full-time MBA. IIMs, FMS, XLRI, JBIMS, IIFT, MDI, etc. are some of the institutions that accept GMAT scores.  However, students applying through a foreign national quota or NRI quota are eligible for GMAT score. ISB on the other hand accepts the GMAT for its full-time program MBA program. Here is the list of some B-Schools that accepts GMAT scores in India XLRI, Jamshedpur XIM, Bhubaneswar VIT Business School TISS, Mumbai TERI School of Advanced Sciences, TERI University TASMAC, Pune TAPMI, Manipal School of Management, Udaipur School of Management, NMIMS, Mumbai School of Management, International Institute of Management This is why most students go for CAT, XAT, SNAP, and other management exams for admission in MBA. Only foreign nationals or students with NRI Quota can apply through GMAT.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. Which Indian Business schools accept Indian students on GMAT score?

● Top Answer By Aditi Sen on 12 May 21

Ans. There are many business schools in India that require GMAT scores at the time of admission. Some of the top business schools with requiring GMAT scores in India are: Institute Name GMAT Score ISB, Hyderabad & Mohali 730 or higher S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai 550 IIM Ahmedabad 711 School of Management, NMIMS Mumbai 600 IIM Bangalore 710 Great Lakes Institute of Management 600 IIM Calcutta 701 XLRI Jamshedpur 710 IIM Lucknow 680 IMT (All campuses) 720 IIM Indore 700 ICFAI Business School (Hyderabad & Mumbai) 700 IIM Kozhikode 700 A few other institutes include - MDI Gurgaon, FMS Delhi, Sunstone Business School Noida, ISB Indore, and more.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. Which Indian b-schools accept GMAT scores?

● Top Answer By Tina Dhara on 11 May 21

Ans. In India, if you aim to pursue MBA, you have to clear the Common Admission Test (CAT) with a good score. Nonetheless, some of the top business schools accept GMAT scores as well.  Top business schools in India which accept GMAT scores, along with the cut-offs are listed below: Business schools GMAT Cut-off ISB Hyderabad 690 for YLP, 660+ for PGP IIM Ahmedabad 680 for EPGP, 700+ for PGPX IIM Bangalore 680+ for EPGP IIM Calcutta 680+ for PGPEX IIM Lucknow 620+ for IPMX IIM Indore 700+ for EPGP XLRI Jamshedpur 640+ for PGDM-GMP SP Jain institute of management and research 670+ for GMBA, 700+ for MBA IIM Kozhikode 600+ for MBA IMT Ghaziabad 650+ for PGDM-Ex BITS Pilani 600+ for MBA Few other Indian Business schools which accept GMAT scores: Great lakes Institute of Management Indian Institute of Foreign Trade ( GMAT for NRIs) Tata Institute of Social Sciences (For International Students) – For MA. HRM and LR NMIMS University, School of Business Management Alliance Business School Amity Business School Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani T. A. Pai Management Institute, Manipal Above mentioned business schools in the table are of top reputation in India. Opt for the school which is best for you.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. What GMAT score can be considered good for applying to ISB Hyderabad with an average academic profile?

● Top Answer By Bhavya Singh on 18 Mar 21

Ans. Several factors affect the chance of a candidate getting a seat in ISB Hyderabad. Not only the GMAT score, but also the application profile, essays, and performance in the interview combined together decides whether a candidate should get a seat or not in such an elite institute. The points listed below are some important aspects to consider for admission to such institutes. There is no fixed cut-off for ISB Hyderabad, as declared by the institute. There are examples of people with a GMAT score of 720 not getting a seat from the interviews. On the other hand, there are candidates with a score of 700-710 but are successful in getting a seat in ISB Hyderabad. GMAT score is not the only criteria for getting a seat, but the door to get an interview call. The quality of essays written by the candidate, his/her application/ profile, and the performance in the interviews are also considered. For candidates with an average profile, a GMAT score of 720+, along with a complete application and a good essay can be considered to have high chances to receive an interview call. After having a call, the rest depends on how the candidate will perform in his/her interview. This is the overall scenario for admission in ISB Hyderabad, for a student with an average profile.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. Which exam to opt for admission in ISB hyderabad, GMAT or GRE?

● Top Answer By Manish Acharya on 23 Feb 21

Ans. Presently, ISB accepts both GRE and GMAT scores. So, the candidate can take either of the tests to get a seat at ISB, Hyderabad. There are certain aspects both in favor and against of both the exams, considering the structure and content of the exams. The points below give some important points to consider before choosing either of the tests for selection. Evaluate the structure and syllabus of both examinations and choose the one in which you think you can score higher. A good score is an ultimate need for admission. If a candidate wishes to apply for graduate programs other than MBA too, GRE is usually the one opted for. So, an MS, MA, and MBA simultaneous aspirant will prefer GRE. Business schools are somewhat particular about the students they give admission to. They prefer students with a clear vision of MBA only and have a basic idea about their career trajectory. So, GMAT is preferred over GRE in this aspect. GMAT is a more quantitatively challenging exam than GRE. This might matter to the ISB Interview board since they want MBA-focused candidates. Considering the above-mentioned points, you must select the appropriate exam for your own. Other than this, the school accepts both the exams and so, good performance in either of them is considered equally.Read more
1 Answer


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How many questions are asked in each section of GMAT paper?
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GMAT paper has 4 sections in the question paper. Time distribution of each section is according to the number of questions. There are a total of 80 questions. The four sections are:- Analytical Writing Assessment(analysis of argument) – 1 question; Integrated Reasoning(graphic interpretation, table analysis etc.) – 12 questions; Quantitative reasoning(data sufficiency, problem solving) – 31 questions; and Verbal Reasoning(reading comprehension etc) – 36 questions.  

What is the qualifying cut- off of GMAT for top universities?
yanika singh

The cut-off in Indian B-schools – ISB GMAT cut-off is between 710-740; cut-off at XLRI is 720 and above; cut-off at IIMs is above 700. The top international universities like Harvard has a cut-off 729+; Stanford GMAT score is between 720-740; Wharton GMAT score is between 722-730. The cut-off scores are only tentative and may change.

neha thasale
What role does GMAT exam pattern and syllabus play in the preparation?
yanika singh

The exam pattern is how you prepare for the exam, being aware of the syllabus will let you categorise what you are supposed to study and how much to study. Doing previous year papers also can help you stay updated and manage your time while you do the practise papers/exam. Every exam has a pattern of question paper, which gives the candidates what they are preparing for and what will be the exam like. 

gouri kumari
How is solving previous year/ practice papers of GMAT beneficial for taking the actual examination?
yanika singh

GMAT is an exam which is recognised not just in India but Internationally as well, and the standard of the exam says it all. It is a part of preparation, practicing previous year papers is important to get a hold of what you have studied as well as get an idea of where you stand with your preparation and how much more can be done. It gives the idea of the pattern of the paper, by practicing you will be able to understand how you to manage your time when you give the actual exam.

shivkumar dama
Does GMAT also provide admission in Executive MBA? Which colleges provide the same?

Yes, with a GMAT score one can also pursue MBA Executive from a top Management college. Some of the top colleges offering MBA Executive are Penn Wharton, Columbia Business School - [CBS],  Haas School Of Business, California, Yale School Of Management - [Yale SOM], London Business School - [LBS], London, University Of Oxford, Oxford, England. 

sadim ansari
Does GMAT offer any scholarships to the aspiring candidates?

Yes, GMAT offers scholarships to meritorious students. Candidates can secure scholarships based on their GMAT score. Along with the GMAT score, proper work experience, previous academic qualifications are also considered as eligibility criteria. To know more, see GMAT Scholarships. 

sheetal chib
Does GMAT also provide any reservation benefits to PwD candidates?
yanika singh

As a PwD candidate, you may register yourself as a Test Taker with disabilities and submit proper documents. GMAC, it is a global non-profit council of business schools and administrator of the GMAT exam renders all the services that need to be provided to all those who are eligible. You may visit the website of GMAC/GMAT to more about the registration process for PwD candidates. 

Is there any specified age limit to apply for GMAT?
yanika singh

No, there is no age limit mentioned to appear in the GMAT. If the candidate is between 13-17 years of age, they need a permission letter from their parents/gaurdian, otherwise candidates above 18 years of age do not need a permission letter. There is also no upper age limit to appear in the exam. 

arushi thankur
Is having a work experience mandatory to apply for GMAT?
yanika singh

You are an eligible candidate to appear for the GMAT exam, regardless of the work experience. Though, having a work experience helps in getting recommendations and some top universities as well prefer candidates with a work experience in the industry. You can be a fresher with no work experience and still give the GMAT exam. 

How long are GMAT scores valid for?
yanika singh

The GMAT score is valid for a period of 5 years from the date of your exam. The test history of the GMAT score is recorded for only a 10 year span, hence the scores that are older than 10 years time from the present date, will not be available. You may apply with your GMAT score within the 5 year period of giving the exam.

How many times can a candidate appear for GMAT in a given year?
sinbad chongtham

GMAT aspirants can write the GMAT examination 5 times a year. However, there must be a gap of at least 16 days between two consecutive tests. GMAT registration can be done throughout the year however, it is advised to complete the registration process at least 10 days before the examination date. The number of GMAT attempts per lifetime is 8 times.

vikram dewan
What is the purpose of pursuing MBA from abroad?
sinbad chongtham

The main reason for pursuing an MBA degree in the top universities of the world is the Return of Investment. Every candidate with the intention of pursuing an MBA degree abroad must check the return of investment of that particular institute. Studying abroad is costly and not affordable for many. The Return of Investment is not only dependent on the amount invested and salary earned after graduating but also on the other accumulative costs, fees, course length, salary earned by the alumni, and other aspects.

kunal thakrar
How can we select our test centres in GMAT?
sinbad chongtham

There are more than 600 GMAT Test centers in 114 countries of the world. Candidates applying for GMAT can select three test centers according to their preferences. Candidates not only have the option to select the test centers of their choices but also can select the examination date as well as the examination timing as per their preferences. However, during this time of the pandemic, GMAT examination has been conducted online. Read more on GMAT Registration. 

divakar sharma
What is the registration process for PwD candidates?
sinbad chongtham

The GMAT registration process for other candidates and PWD candidates is the same. The only difference is that PWD candidates can apply for exam accommodations by submitting an application. In order to do so, PWD candidates must fill up the examination accommodation form and mention the type of disability. The accommodation form must be sent to PEARSON VUE via mail or fax. 

shaik kabeer
What is the basic eligibility required to apply for GMAT?
sinbad chongtham

The eligibility criteria to appear in the GMAT exam includes age, education, number of attempts, etc. Candidates who have graduated from a recognized university are eligible to apply for the GMAT examination. There is no age restriction for appearing in this exam, however, candidates who are below the age of 18 years must obtain a permission letter on behalf of their parents. Working experience is not mandatory but preferred. The number of attempts in 8 times in a lifetime and 5 times in a year. 

shreya sarkar
How can we pay for the GMAT application fee in offline mode?
sinbad chongtham

There are four types of GMAT registration. Candidates who want to register for this examination can register via Fax or Phone. Candidates can submit their registration form via fax to the respective regional numbers: America  +19526813681, Asia Pacific  +911204001660, China  +861061957800, and Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA)  +4401618557301. Candidates can also complete their GMAT registration over a phone call. However, there is a USD 10 service charge. You can check the contact numbers for the respective regions from GMAT Registration. 

tanishka shah
What is the online registration method for GMAT?
sinbad chongtham

There are online modes of GMAT registration, through the online portal or via mail. To register online, candidates must sign up to create a GMAT profile. After successfully creating a profile, candidates will receive a form that should be filled up and then make the payment to complete the registration. To submit GMAT registration form via mail, candidates must download the registration form, fill it up, and make the payment via cheque or money order. 

gouri kumari
How long are the respective GMAT scores valid for?
sinbad chongtham

The GMAT scores are considered valid for 5 years. Candidates if they are not satisfied with their GMAT scores, can retake the examination five times a year with a gap of at least 16 days between two tests. The GMAT scores will also be considered valid for admission only if the test has been taken 6 months prior to submission of the application form for admission. Read more on GMAT Scores.

neha thasale
How is the GMAT score calculated? Please analyze.
sinbad chongtham

GMAT scores are calculated in a score range of 200 to 800. There are three main factors that are considered in the GMAT score calculation. They are the total number of accurate answers, the total attempted questions and the difficulty level of the questions. The score is also calculated by converting the raw scores of each section into scaled scores. Read more on GMAT Score Calculator.

What is the eligibility criterion required to apply for GMAT?
sinbad chongtham

Only those candidates who have fulfilled the eligibility criteria will be allowed to appear in the GMAT examination. GMAC has laid down a few eligibility criteria for the candidates appearing in the GMAT examination. They are mentioned below.

Educational Qualification: Graduate from a recognized university
Age Limit: No age restrictions however, candidates below 18 years need a permission letter on behalf of parents.
Work Experience: Work experience is not mandatory but it is preferred
Attempting limit for GMAT: Candidates can appear in the GMAT examination 8 times in their lifetimes and 5 times in a year
Palm Vein Identification: To prevent forgery, candidates need to provide a palm vein impression as identity proof.